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Lucky Money Magnet PI-YAO BIRTHSTONE Bracelet

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Birth Month

Product Description

About the Product:

  • PI-YAO charm to help you attract great wealth and good Feng Shui in your life. It is also a powerful protector against misfortunes, evil spirits, accidents. The Pi Yao fulfill its owner’s wish and safeguard his health and welfare.
  • Wu-Lou: a powerful symbol of longevity, good health and prosperity.
  • CITRINE MONEY BAR: stone of success and wealth. Money bar is a powerful feng shui product to activate wealthy chi. A symbol of wealth.
  • Heart: is recognized as symbol of LOVE, ROMANCE, AFFECTION, COMPASSION. An emblem of everlasting love and blissful relationship. Brings harmony and peace.
  • Every picture have their own meaning
  • Stainless lock #1420 10k wire & balls
  • Thailand gold pi-yao pendant
  • Crystal stone piyao
  • Authentic jade wu-Lou, citrine money bar, agate stone heart
  • Size: 7.5 inches
  • With Box

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